Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food Beware

Last night while I made dinner, I watched a movie about the French Organic Revolution, call Food Beware. It was pretty interesting to see how the French people decided that organic was the way to go and how they involved children in the process.

In the era of Food, Inc., Sicko and others who are using the scare tactic to convince people to change their lifestyle, it was refreshing to see something a little less guerilla-like. It just felt more real; we need more movies like this. I loved the notion that children were pushing the movement in their households. They were taking what they learned in school to their homes and requesting that their parents prepare organic dinners. Don’t quote me on this, but from what I understand, research shows that children have the most power to change behaviors of families. This is why it’s extremely important that we are engaging our youth in conversations about sustainability, organic food and supporting local farms.

What honestly surprised me the most was a scene where they showed a school cafeteria at lunchtime. It went through each item the children were eating and identified the pesticides and chemicals that were likely sprinkled into that item. Bananas, yogurt, lentils, homemade bread. The part that surprised me is that these children were eating BANANAS, YOGURT, LENTILS, and HOMEMADE BREAD for lunch at school. So much healthier than the crap we feed our kids here in the U.S. I mean, we aren’t even close to what they were featuring as the unhealthy meal! I know I’m somewhat missing the point. The scene wasn’t to depict the slew of trans fat these kids were eating for lunch, but I couldn’t help but realize how far we have to go. Hopefully Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard is a step in the right direction. And I now have “packing homemade, healthy lunches” on my to-do list for my yet-to-be-conceived children.

Check the movie out if you have a chance.

It’s also available on Netflix, if you have an account.