Friday, December 19, 2008

Better late than never


Well, we have so much to catch up on now, don't we? What can I say? I have new markets, new restaurants, new farms, new recipes. I just need to find the time to write this all down!

For now, I wanted to talk about some more places to check out in DC:

Capital City Market:

If you want to push your boundaries, check this place out. I'm don't really eat meat or seafood, so the excitement wasn't really around the food. There were smoked chickens in open metal baskets, barrels of MSG, and old school butchers. The kind of butchers where you can hear the saw from outside the shop. This was some crazy mix of an international food market and Costco. For me, I loved sense that it's one of those places that creates a sense of community where people don't all look the same. It's representative of who we are as a city...and who we are as a country. If I were a photographer, I would spend hours and hours here, photographing the people, the aisles of strange food and the interactions between shoppers and merchants. I've been by this place a million times, but never really had the patience to go in and explore. I was sorry I waited so long. It definitely lacks the charm of Eastern Market. If you want to stroll around with your honey and your chai latte with soy, this is not the place. Rainboots are more appropriate here in case you step on some raw chicken fat in the street (yes, it happened to me folks). I love it. It's the largest thing to go unnoticed in the District. Perhaps if more folks like us went there, we'd see more local and seasonal foods incorporated with all the wild imports. For me...well...i'd like to figure out what to do with mung beans.