Monday, July 28, 2008

Crack isn't always a bad thing

Ok, remember those heirloom tomatoes I told you about? Well, they are here and they. are. huge. And they have tons of cracks and scars. We are growing black krim and purple cherokees this year (in addition to some others that have yet to ripen) and I love the purple cherokees. The black krims aren't doing it for me, which is a bit surprising considering I never met a tomato I didn't like (except the underripe grocery store kind). The purple cherokees are huge, delicious, with barely any seeds or pulp. The whole thing is flesh. We've been eating them non-stop with basil, mozzarella and avocado. A caprese with avocado you ask? Yes, I had it in Spain years ago and have a hard time eating mozzarella and tomatoes without the addition of avocado. Which brings me to the eating locally issue. If there was one thing I would have a hard time giving up that I could not find locally, it would be avocados. I have read that you can grow an avocado from a pit and use it as a houseplant (it won't produce fruit during that time). I might have to start that and transplant it once I settle into a place I know I'll be living at for a few years.


Kicks + Ass = my garden

My dear friend Amber gave me this postcard today. Not only does my garden kick ass, but she does too. Thanks Amber!