Friday, January 25, 2008

Heirloom Seeds

This past summer was my first taste of an heirloom Brandywine tomato. A little late in the game, eh? Not some half-ripe overpriced heirloom tomato that was from a grocery store either. This was straight from the farm (I belonged to Karl's Farm's CSA) and it was cracked and ugly and the best thing I ever tasted. It must have weighed well over a pound. I came home from work that day to our basket of veggies sitting on the front stoop and rushed upstairs when I saw we got a Brandywine tomato. I was like a kid with their Christmas stocking, only I was a grown up and this was a tomato. I immediately took it out and held it up to appreciate it's density, showing my boyfriend the gloriousness of it. He of course thought I was crazy...until he tasted it. I sliced it up and put the tiniest amount of salt on it and we enjoyed it in silence.

Ever since then I have been hooked on heirloom veggies. I planted our fall garden mostly with seeds from Baker Creek. This month I have been looking through my seed catalogs, planning our year filled with heirloom seeds. I was ecstatic yesterday to find an article in the Washington Post about heirloom seeds. They even mention Baker Creek!


Monday, January 21, 2008

PA Can Label Milk!

Scientific American reported that Pennsylvania officials have let go of plans to ban farmers from labeling whether or not their milk comes from hormone enhanced cows.

As noted in the article, the FDA ruled that Montsanto-marketed rBST is safe for human consumption, but Canada and the European Union prohibit its use.